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Lorenc Gordani


Tirana Business University



The leading professional activities include academic teaching, applied research, strategic consulting, and institutional capacity building. The work focuses on the EU legal framework in Albania and the public policies related to industry and interest groups, international institutions and public authorities. The main activities have been focused on promoting issues related to sustainable growth in Albania as part of the EU integration process within the regional integration of the Western Balkan countries. Higher education is fully attended in Italy, France, Germany, etc. In continuation, he has worked as a researcher, professor, and trainer in various national and international environments and has been engaged as a legal advisor and consultant to foreign and local companies, public authorities, and international organizations. The activities have been accompanied by the publication of an extensive bibliography, mass-media appearances and participation as a key speaker in many international conferences on the legal and political framework of the EU in Albania, mainly in the energy policy, business field, public policies,etc

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