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Eminent Speaker

Michael Koettner





With a Masters Degree as an Agricultural Biologist and as a trained Master Farmer, Michael Köttner is professionally involved in Biogas and Bioenergy Technologies for over 30 years. His portfolio ranges from professional services as a scientist, expert trainer and consulting engineer in the field of biogas, biomethane, organic waste treatment in Germany, Europe, Canada and South Africa, to being the founding member and CEO from 1991 to 2000 in Europe’s biggest organisation the German Biogas Association with almost 5000 members today. Since 2000 he is CEO and senior expert consultant of the International Biogas and Bioenergy Center of Competence IBBK and Vice-chairman of the German Society for sustainable Biogas and Bioenergy Utilisation GERBIO. The main focus of his work is expert, consulting and training work in all aspects of biogas and bioenergy technology as well as ecological sanitation in a regional, national and international context. In the ColdSpark project his tasks are the input of biogas/biomethane knowledge, contact and dissemination of the results within the biogas industry.

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